We love having fun and feeling good

Art does that

We do art 

For many moons, art has been a visual language of our imagination, thoughts and emotions.

It has been proven to have therapeutic influences for anyone who participates, as it is a source to release energy.

At heARTistic we are firm believers that there is an artist in all of us, there is no level that is better than the next.

Our approach to art is to allow each artist to explore the art in their own heart. Our classes are taught differently, we all have a "theme" to follow but we all have the ability to "go off script" and have our art in our hearts truly become a personalized piece of artwork. This type of teaching allows personality and imagination a place to flow and explore creativity, along with providing an environment where our differences are celebrated and embraced. 

Our 3 Main Goals in each Class / Party / Workshop are:

1) Providing a safe and non-judgmental space for SELF EXPRESSION

2) Allowing freedom of creativity - There is no right or wrong way to create your art

3) To build a foundation for creative flow in all aspects of our lives

5 Week Programs for Emotional Special Needs

Our 5 week workshop programs support attendees while navigating their personal journey through internal emotions and energy with hands on art projects and themed painting subjects, while influenced by a nurturing environment. We promote group discussions and written journaling, along with quiet contemplation. These aspects along with proper lighting and music, create a calm and open space for the attendee to explore their emotions and connect with others and theirselves.

What are emotional special needs?

Simply they can be described as depression, grief or anxiety derived from a wide variety of influences.  

To give examples of what some may be experiencing would include, low self esteem, peer confrontation, divorce, death in family, change of location, illness or physical injuries to just name a few. There are much more intricate and deeper levels then mentioned. We welcome all youth ages 8-17 that may benefit from a positive experience in a small group atmosphere. 

We also work with outpatient rehab programs for addicts. These programs are offered to youth and adults. 

They are hosted in the same place that the weekly meetings are held.

How can art effect an addict's journey?

 By being with others like themselves, those that are struggling with internal battles that may be influencing their choices can find peace in their journey by nourishing themselves with therapeutic art practices. Being emerged in an environment that encourages self expression through other forms other than  harmful vices, it is giving the addict a hands on experience with redirecting urges, habits and triggers.

By exercising your creative mind, whether we believe ourselves to possess this characteristic or not, you are giving yourself a new avenue to release feelings and energy that may be deeper than the surface of words. We provide a relaxed environment with guided encouragement where you can enjoy the exploration of the inner self with freedom and without judgement.

If you would like more information in regards to the 5 week programs 

please email our programs director Liz Snider at 

[email protected]

About the founder of heARTistic

- Liz Snider -

Liz Snider was born a determined and free spirited artist, she was the kid that always painting outside of the lines on purpose, however, she also excelled in her academics and had several art pieces go to county and state competitions. 

It wasn't until her early 20's where she discovered her personal style of artistic expression, it has grown and developed into a form that is highly sought after. She has sold a​rt nationally and quite a few homes in the Richmond area proudly display her art work. Liz has always had a deep connection and commitment to her community, she has volunteered at local centers teaching youth art classes, was on the founding board for a local non-profit that strives to keep artistic supplies plentiful in the Richmond City Schools and has owned a public art studio that was a haven for local artists to display their own works of art and to be mentored by Liz with the business aspect of marketing art . Because of her own life tragedies, Liz recently found herself in a place more so than ever where she wanted to provide access to all, the benefits of art, that art has given to her. From her undying desire to be a teacher and her professional art background she collaborated the two and created heARTistic.

Liz has diligently worked on developing the format for heARTistic for the last year and proudly launched officially in November of 2019.

She has completed her certification as a life coach and has completed four additional life coach courses focusing on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Therapeutic Art, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Surviving & Thriving after Grief & Loss.