​for th​e​ love of the art in all of our hearts

heARTistic is a fresh approach to sharing the therapeutic and healing benefits of art.

 It can be found in the wonderful feeling of simply creating with friends and family,  in the relief that comes from 

exploring unknown emotions rooted to traumatic experiences or by the peace that comes from being around others that can relate to our own life's journey. We have created the platform that encompasses all walks of life and all levels of enjoyment to capture and offer the opportunity for all to benefit. Art is a universal form of expression that creates a deeper understanding and connection to each other but especially to our own selves. 

heARTistic is committed to bringing the joy and benefits that art can produce to each of our guests by offering a wide range of group classes for all ages and abilities, individualized sessions, offsite events/workshops, along with in home parties or gatherings. 

We welcome children or adults with special needs and anyone who is processing heavy emotions resulting from grief, anxiety,  traumatic experiences or addiction.

For more information please visit our philosophy page to learn more about our programs.